Help Videos

These short-and-simple training videos can help you quickly learn to do anything you need to do in the MJ Trax system:

All: Bar Code Scanner Overview

All: State API Overview

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Grow Areas

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Strains

Farmer/Cultivator: Entering Lab Test Results

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Seedling Batches

Farmer/Cultivator: Seedlings to Plants

Farmer/Cultivator: Batching Plants

Farmer/Cultivator: Harvesting Plants

Farmer/Cultivator: Harvest Updates

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Inventory

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Products & Items

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Buyer Contacts

Farmer/Cultivator: Creating Outbound Shipments

Farmer/Cultivator: Bar Code Search

Farmer/Cultivator: Reports

Farmer/Cultivator: Billings

Manufacturer/Producer: Creating Users

Manufacturer/Producer: Creating Farmer Sources

Manufacturer/Producer: Creating Extracts & Products

Manufacturer/Producer: Entering Lab Test Results

Manufacturer/Producer: Creating Outbound Shipments

Manufacturer/Producer: Making Shipment Requests from Sources

Manufacturer/Producer: Reports

Manufacturer/Producer: Billings

Transporter: Creating Source or Buyer Contacts

Transporter: Creating Drivers (Sub-Users)

Transporter: Managing Delivery Routes

Transporter: Drivers and Directions

Transporter: Creating & Managing Shipments

Distributor/Wholesaler: Creating Storage Locations

Distributor/Wholesaler: Creating Source or Buyer Contacts

Distributor/Wholesaler: Creating Shipments

Distributor/Wholesaler: Creating Inventory (Scan In)

Distributor/Wholesaler: Creating Sale Items

Distributor/Wholesaler: Entering Lab Test Results

Distributor/Wholesaler: Making Shipment Requests from Sources

Distributor/Wholesaler: Managing Delivery Routes

Distributor/Wholesaler: Drivers and Directions

Distributor/Wholesaler: Reports

Distributor/Wholesaler: Billings

Law Enforcement: Tracking Shipments Daily