About Us

David Gaynes - Chief Technical Officer

David Gaynes Photo David has been an entrepreneur for more than three decades since he started his career on his own in the index options trading pits in Chicago. When times changed, David continued the pattern of being self-made by training himself to be a software developer and before long his skills reached a level where he spent more than five years on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA, designing and building software and providing extensive technical documentation. Since that time, he has been a serial entrepreneur as the technical expert behind ventures from the car industry to cultural travel in Hawai'i to health care before seizing upon the opportunity in the fledgling cannabis industry and again building the entire product suite from scratch himself based on his technical knowledge and years of experience with the underlying product.

An experienced writer as well, he has been published both in the technical and personal-spiritual-self-help areas as his efforts to teach and help others continue to this day. David has an ongoing free program in which he trains military veterans, from scratch, to be professional software developers, who then move on to full-time careers with companies like Northrop Grumman. A long-time meditator and “person teacher”, David has videos, podcasts and extensive written materials that help encourage others towards the same positive change and decision-making that helped David spend the last dozen years happily living in Hawai’i. His unique combination of advanced technical skills and insight make him the perfect person to lead MJTrax both in the present and on into the future.

Pauline Pavlacka - Sr Sales Representative

Pauline Pavlacka Photo Pauline is a highly-professional, customer-centric business partner who takes the time to develop relationships so that she has the insights to provide customers what they need. A Sales and Management Leader with a 20-year career history working in various industries, Pauline is focused on building strong business partnerships based on providing excellent customer service and maintaining great communication with clients throughout the Houston metro area. Pauline joined MJTrax in 2020 to build our customer network.

Before MJTrax, Pauline spent the last 15 years of her career assisting companies that were struggling or wanting to grow their sales division. She previously worked for two startup companies and grew their businesses to $1M teams. Throughout her career, Pauline has won numerous sales awards and sales trips and has been the top sales person in almost every company in which she has worked. Pauline spends her free time singing, writing songs, creating graphic art and is an avid reader.

RJ Lynn - Sr Sales Representative

RJ Lynn Photo RJ Lynn is Head of Sales for the State of California.